Honda XL125L Motorcycle
One of the toughest most durable long lasting motorcycles on the planet. Built in Japan, the Honda XL125L since its debut over 35 years ago is today the tool of choice for many Companies, Governmental and Non Governmental Aid Organizations, Privateers and hobbyists requiring transportation into and out of hard to reach areas in Sierra Leone as well as many other parts of the world. A Dual purpose Motorcycle, the Honda XL125L is just as capable of tackling the rigors of city streets as it is the off road. Powered by a Four Stroke Engine, Honda XL125L provides clean power with exceptional fuel economy as well as longevity under the toughest of conditions. The Honda XL125L Motorcycle is a living legend. Not only a Motorcycle of choice for many professionals but a tool of choice. Honda XL125L Motorcycle may cost more than other 125cc Motorcycles to make but a satisfied rider is worth it. More powerful models of Honda Motorcycles are available by request and pre order only.
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